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students after getting off the school bus

Travelling on the school bus with Newcastle Transport

It’s important that school children have confidence travelling to and from school by bus. This includes not only when on board but getting to the bus stop and getting off the bus. Read on for resources and tips designed to educate students about travelling by bus.

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Top tips for travelling to school on the bus

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  • Student is slipping over and going to fall on the ground.
    Never run for your bus - you may slip, trip and fall.
  • School student is holding their arm out to signal the bus.
    Signal with your arm when you see the bus.
  • School student is standing next to a bus waiting for it to come to a stop.
    Don't board until the bus has come to a stop.
  • School holding their school Opal card in front of an Opal card reader to tap onto the school bus
    Always tap on and tap off with your Opal card.
  • Two school students are sitting on a bus. One is seated and the other is holding onto a handrail.
    Sit down or hold a handrail while the bus is moving.
  • seat belt safety
    be courteous and on your best behaviour
  • School student pressing the stop button on board a bus
    Press the 'Stop' button when your stop is next
  • School student waiting for the bus to leave before crossing the road
    Always wait until the bus has gone before crossing safely
  • Two school students with their parents after getting off the school bus
    Meet your parents on the same side of the road as the bus
  • Newcastle Transport bus driver with a school student asking for assistance
    If you ever feel unsafe or need help, let the driver know.
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